Anja Emzén Studio



Client: Reges
Services: Identity & Digital

Year: 2016

Visual identity for Reges – a company designing IT solutions for businesses, helping them to streamline their technical and organizational working procedures. The core of their business model is based upon subscription plans, resulting in long term engagement, continuous development and personal relationships. In co-operation with AD and designer Daniel Zachrisson.

A stable, confident framework makes room for creative play, exchange and progress. Constantly improving in the search for new perspectives and solutions based on your needs. We invite you to our open and bright construction site.

Business Card Reges.jpg
reges_visual_identity_mobile 1.jpg
reges_visual_identity_mobile 1 copy 2.jpg
reges_visual_identity_mobile 1 copy.jpg
reges_visual_identity_mobile 1 copy 4.jpg
reges_visual_identity_mobile 1 copy 3.jpg
reges_visual_identity_mobile 1 copy 5.jpg